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HPQ Silicon

HPQ Silicon Resources is a TSX-V listed (Symbol HPQ) High Purity Quartz and Gold exploration company focused on generating free cash flow. The scope of our activities range from exploration and mining operations to a new emphasis on becoming a vertically integrated producer of Silicon Metal, Solar Grade Silicon Metal and polysilicon. Our business model is centred on developing projects suited for smaller-scale start-up that generate high yield returns.

Shares Issued: 168,387,616

Bernard J. Tourillon, MBA – Chairman and CEO, Director

Patrick Levasseur – President and COO, Director

Richard Mimeau, Bc – Director

Noelle Drapeau, LLL, MBA, PMP – Corporate Secretary, Director

Robert Robitaille, MBA and L. Ph. – Director

Francois Rivard – CFO

Marcel Drapeau, B.A., B.Sc. Com., LLL – Company Lawyer

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Email Marketing Program Includes: Dissemination of corporate information, news releases, or updates through our email database and social media exposure outlets. Our database consists of qualified opt-in North American subscribers (retail and financial professionals).



    Valdor Technology International (TSX.V:VTI, US:VTIFF) has a unique breakthrough technology in fibre optics. In early 2000, when technology projects enjoyed unprecedented popularity, the Company's stock price rose from $0.30 to $14.00 in less than two months mostly on the strength of R&D and potential. This R&D is now complete and the technology is ready for market. The Company is in production and has modest annual sales of about US$600,000. The vast majority of high-flying technology companies of the 1995/2000 era no longer exist; this one has survived and is on the verge of prospering. 

    First Global Data Limited
    TSX.V: FGD


    First Global is an international financial services technology ("FINTECH") company. The Company's two main lines of business are mobile payments and cross border payments. First Global's proprietary leading edge technology enables the convergence of compliant domestic and cross border payments, shopping, Peer to Peer ("P2P"), Business to Consumer ("B2C"), and Business to Business ("B2B") payments. First Global enables its strategic partners and clients around the world with our leading edge financial services technology platform.

    YDreams Global Interactive Technologies Inc.
    TSXV: YD


    YDreams works as a partner with companies and brands to reframe their strategy through relevant initiatives that have integrated the digital experience with the physical presence and space. The company is capable of anticipating future challenges and connect them to the needs of the market, by building innovative concepts and delivering results with international excellence.

    In July 2016, after completing a reverse-take over process, YDreams became the first Brazilian based technology company to be listed on TSX Ventures, one of the main stock exchanges of the world. On this new international stage, YDreams adopted the Global signature, assumed a new visual identity and expanded its role to the key markets of North America.

    YDreams Global Presentation 

    YDreams Global Video Reel 2016

    Everfront Ventures Corp.

    TSX.V: EVC


    Datametrex are a startup that has developed proprietary technology which provides merchants visibility of their retail sales data in meaningful dashboard reports that can be accessed remotely and in real-time anywhere in the world.

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